Throwback Cocktail- The Gimlet

You can roll your eyes at me, it’s OK. Go ahead. I am that person who goes to a Steak House and orders the soup and salad special. I’ll go to the beach and read a book. Tonight we went to a brewery and I ordered a Gimlet. 

Since I wanted to skip the beer and try a different drink tonight, one of our friends suggested trying the Gimlet. Someone mentioned that it was like a line version of a lemon drop.

That was all the encouragement I needed.  

According to the Gimlet was created by sailors to help prevent scurvy. Sometimes vodka is used, but a traditional Gimlet is made with gin. Served either on the rocks or straight up, 2.5 ounces of vodka, .5 ounce simple syrup and .5 ounce of fresh lime juice are shaken with ice and served in an old fashioned glass. I’m pretty sure mine tonight had soda water in it, too, and I liked it. I’m guessing it was equal parts soda and gin, and I really enjoyed the lime. 

Why have I taken so long to try new things like this?

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DJones BranchingOut

Pushing 50 and it's time to try a few (maybe... 365?) new things. This blog is not about reinventing oneself or one's life, but about how much fun one can have while going out on a limb and branching out. Kicking anxiety's butt one day at a time, yeah!

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