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Everything Old is New Again- Music

The local news had me stop in my tracks this morning- not for a shocking headline but for the sound of a new song. The music chosen to play into the commercial break was fabulous! I opened Spotify on my phone, and identified these fabulous musicians: Mariachi El Bronx. Not new, but new to me.… Continue reading Everything Old is New Again- Music

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Star Wars- Listening Doesn’t Count

Ever take long family trips in a car? Remember when those in-car screen systems became available? I've heard the stories from friends about listening to princess movies ad nauseam while driving across the country; anyone in the car measuring an age in double digits had to tough it out or suffer sharing that space with… Continue reading Star Wars- Listening Doesn’t Count

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On Holiday Movies and Generosity…

I don't know anyone who can top my mom-in-law's love of shopping for other people. No home can match the bounty you will find under her Christmas Tree. If you know her, you are remembered. As a goofy 18-year-old, I remember how surprised I was to be included in on her generosity- I had only… Continue reading On Holiday Movies and Generosity…

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Favorite Wordpress Blogs

  I found a blogger who is new to me, but has been around here on WordPress for a while- Brad Young Art...A few of his posts that I liked in particular: 8/23/15 Space Needle, 7/26/15 Blondes and Tennessee, 4/19/15 Chicago Skyline, and 4/5/15 I Thirst. I particularly enjoyed the different cities featured in his… Continue reading Favorite WordPress Blogs

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Why Yes, I WILL Dive into a New TV Series on Netflix, Thankyouverymuch!

Continuing with the Marvel Universe, I've caved to the friends of The Boy and started in on Arrow. Eleven shows in and I can say this for sure: I love Netflix. About Arrow? The jury is still out on that one. Maybe I just like the Marvel Comic Universe better? Not sure yet... I'm going… Continue reading Why Yes, I WILL Dive into a New TV Series on Netflix, Thankyouverymuch!