On Visiting a College with The Girl, short reflection…

Gotta say I’ve never done this before…

We’ve been visiting a university, taking the tours and walking the downtown area. Checking out the dorms on a personal tour with a family friend who is an R.A. Was a great bonus, gotta say, thanks Anna!

I am looking at this university through completely different eyes than my daughter- How safe are you in the library back in the stacks by yourself? Is there plenty of lighting along the pathways, and how much security is on campus? How dry are the dry dorms! In all honesty, come on…? Is the food glorified junk food or is there real nutrition available for my kid? AND MY GOSH, IS THERE DECENT COFFEE AVAILABLE?!!?

These are important questions, people.


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DJones BranchingOut

Pushing 50 and it's time to try a few (maybe... 365?) new things. This blog is not about reinventing oneself or one's life, but about how much fun one can have while going out on a limb and branching out. Kicking anxiety's butt one day at a time, yeah!

2 thoughts on “On Visiting a College with The Girl, short reflection…”

  1. Ben has been in school 23 years…..and I still worry about him! You will always be concerned about your children, no matter how old they are!


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