Best By, Use By, Science Fair Project By…

Pierogis instead of macaroni and cheese...
Pierogis instead of macaroni and cheese… the pic before I opened the package
Mmmm! Wouldn't it be delicious to brown pierogis in the pan after these kielbasa?
Mmmm! Wouldn’t it be delicious to brown pierogis in the pan after these kielbasa?

Looking to try something different for dinner instead of the family’s usual mac and cheese? Be careful with pierogi, they probably have not only a Use By/Freeze By date, but also a Definitely Destroyed date and a Beware: Do Not Open- Science Fair Project In Process date to boot. Mine were well into the latter. Whoops.

Boo hoo hoo. I was really looking forward to using these in a layered casserole recipe, too, kind of like a pierogi lasagna. Doesn’t that sound good? I’ll try again another time.

Three boxes join the coffee grounds. P.U.
After I opened the package… three boxes of pierogi very quickly join the coffee grounds.  P.U.
Chocolate Chip Cookies from the neighbor kid's fund raiser
The Husband saves the day and bakes Chocolate Chip Cookies from the neighbor kid’s cookie dough fund raiser.

Mac and Cheese it is!

Loquats from Richard (if that is his real name)

I met Richard when we lived in Indianapolis, when he was on a business trip to work with The Husband. A Chinese native, he said we should just use his American name, “Richard.” I remember joking, “Richard, huh. If that is your real name…” and this is how we have referred to him ever since.

Richard (if that is his real name) has a loquat tree, like just about every Chinese person in my neighborhood. They grow like weeds in the San Diego area. I didn’t know these were loquat trees until last week, when he sent some home for us to try, with me saying “So THAT’S what all those trees are.”

Does one peel a loquat?
Does one even peel a loquat?
Big, honkin', deadly, seeds, one to four per fruit
Big, honkin’, deadly, seeds, one to four per fruit

We were brave enough to try these tonight, after looking up a little info online. I stumbled onto Lisa Rawlinson’s blog Full and Content, where she has a boatload of information and recipes about loquats. Some of it is pretty funny… I like her sense of humor. That’s where I read about arsenic in the seeds. I’m surprised The Boy tried a loquat after learning this fact. A little further investigation on the Purdue Extension website, explained the amount is not enough to cause concern. But I didn’t tell him… a mom gets to have fun scaring her kid occasionally, and he’s getting harder to bluff. Teens can be pretty skeptical, sheesh.

Made The Boy try one, too
Made The Boy try one, too.
Photo from blog Full and Content- click to go to the post about Loquats...
Photo from blog Full and Content- click to go to the post about Loquats…

This usually never happens, but all three of us liked these. We decided to peel them- no blanching, no problem, the peel slipped right off. We decided that loquats taste almost exactly like pears, with similar texture even. I wonder if they would be good in smoothies? That’s what I’m making everyone eat for breakfast tomorrow since I have too many over ripe bananas occupying valuable space in the freezer. No loquat seeds will be added, I promise.

Gratitude and Grace

Palm Sunday services attended… check.
Help cleaning up the theatre after the spring musical… check.
Assist one mom transporting another friend’s daughter to E.R. while we get their car to them… check.
(update on her condition- nothing broken, whew!)

Got a lot done this weekend, and it wasn’t half as much as other people accomplished. Can’t say that I have ever participated in helping dear friends gather cars and child to the E.R. before, but we’d do anything for this wonderful family. So, we are going to end the day reflecting on how thankful we are that she will be fine, and how she is a beautiful example of how to be calm, forgiving and able to smile while still smarting quite a bit.

Apple Tasting- Thanks for playing along, House Crew!

This weekend was spent hanging out at a high school theater with a bunch of students running almost everything. The parents just tried to stay out of the way, helping where the Kid In Charge told you to work, and when they found down time? To keep them from hazing the new students- it is fine for the make up girls to take a willing freshman boy and do him up, but not fine if duct tape is involved.

Sarah and and a Student-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless!
Sarah and and a Student-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless!
Toju contemplates how much he disliked that Ambrosia...
Toju contemplates how much he disliked that Ambrosia…

I bugged the kids to eat a bunch of different apples with me so I could cram in a new thing for the day. I deny going “on and on about a blog,” Student-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless, but will happily try to embarrass you by posting photos of you and your friends, ha.

We had in our lineup the following varieties for the students running the front of the house and concessions to try:

Ambrosias- “oh gosh, that’s nasty!” and (indicating one of their friends) “she likes it, I bet she has a ‘refined palate’ and likes sophisticated foods,” and ” isn’t ‘ambrosia’ supposed to mean ‘food of the Gods’? Blech!”
Jazz- good
Cripps Pink- a favorite of several
Piñata- yum, but had a big bruise
Cameo- yuck, mealy, (insert soud of spitting into the trash… drama students can be dramatic)

Ambrosia wins for the best lines, Cripps overall.

I’m tired, the show is over, all the students are crying with post-show depression and this blog post is late.
It’s been a great weekend!

Throwing in this extra photo because these are great people!
Throwing in this extra photo because these are great people!

How did I NOT Know About Postmodern Jukebox?!?

Sometimes, social media gets it just right.

Thanks to a friend of The Girl for sharing this video on Facebook a couple days ago:

I could go on a bit more about the flotsam and jetsam adrift in the seas of the internet… but I won’t. I’ll just leave you with the links to see and hear more from Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox.

Here’s where to find Postmodern Jukebox on Facebook (which is where I lifted that nifty black and white photo featured above)

Another video from their You Tube channel, ScottBradleeLovesYa,  Jason Derulo/Snoop Dogg’s “Wiggle done up vintage 1920’s style. A Must Watch for the tap dancing alone!

Now go skip on over to You Tube for some fabulously reimagined tunes!