Chuao’s Firecracker Chocolate Bar

A quick taste test that we took on today-

Chuao’s Firecracker Bar is made with “sea salt, a dash of chipotle and popping candy (think Pop Rocks) in dark chocolate.”91895efc4933dc5b34aa012e7c3eb70e

The Husband, his cousin, The girl, and I all came up with a decision for this chocolate bar from Chuao Chocolatier.

We didn’t care for it.

The best opinion was that it made an interesting novelty. That was my thought. The Husband did not like how spicy it was… and he’s Mexican. Cousin Celeste didn’t pan it, but passed on a seconds and The Girl decidedly refused to even try a first bite. I didn’t even notice a popping to the candies inside, they seemed more like extra-crispy rice bits. But, to be completely honest, some of the popping effect may have been lost due to the fact that the chocolate had sat in my car and partially melted and reset at least once. All of the reviews on the company’s website are stellar and rave about every aspect of this bar… we respectfully disagreed.

Maybe we should try it again, trying especially hard to skip the extra step of accidentally letting it melt? I’m willing to give it another try.

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