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Favorite Wordpress Blogs

  I found a blogger who is new to me, but has been around here on WordPress for a while- Brad Young Art...A few of his posts that I liked in particular: 8/23/15 Space Needle, 7/26/15 Blondes and Tennessee, 4/19/15 Chicago Skyline, and 4/5/15 I Thirst. I particularly enjoyed the different cities featured in his… Continue reading Favorite WordPress Blogs

Tourism Adventures

Part Two- Del Mar Fair, Finally! Snarky Good Fun…

After taking all the time we wanted to go through the Flower and Animal Exhibits and the "Crap You Can Buy at the Fair" booths (we warned each other "don't make eye contact with any of the vendors!), we hit the food stands before moving onto Art and Hobby exhibits. STUDENT ART and PHOTOGRAPHY: Let's… Continue reading Part Two- Del Mar Fair, Finally! Snarky Good Fun…

New-To-Me Screen Candy

“Though she be but Little, she is Fierce.”

Saw "Midsummer Night's Dream" with The Girl. I've never seen it before and always wanted to, so when she announced that she had control of the TV for homework's sake, I joined in. I loved it when the "Though she be but little, she is fierce" line came up- I forgot that it came from… Continue reading “Though she be but Little, she is Fierce.”

Food and Drink

It’s Cajun Food Night!

Isn't that a beautiful painting for this post? Titled "Decatur Evening, it is by Artist Dianne Parks-¬† My daughter doesn't cook, but somehow she lucked out- her boyfriend does! Even better, we got included in this round of Cajun Night at his family's home. Woo hoo! My exposure to Cajun is extremely limited, and what… Continue reading It’s Cajun Food Night!