Popular Mechanics Magazine- Knowedge (and humor) for 14-Year-Old boys and Me… actually, anyone

IMG_6185IMG_6161On the flights home Saturday, I thought for my New Thing O’ The Day that I ought to pick up and read a different magazine- cover to cover, one that I had never considered before.

Popular Science looked great, but that would be cheating since I had read that before, but Popular Mechanics looked really good, too. I’d poke my eyes out before reading a gossip rag. I really DON’T care which celeb is popping encapsulated gold leaf so they can literally poop gold.

IMG_6163Check out some of the fun stuff I learned on a two hour flight:

Big Ol’ fold out section all about hammers. Now I know more about hammers than you, ha!

IMG_6165A really informative article all about the Lego company- from its beginnings to the MIT designing the programable bricks and their own feature movie.

A “Field Guide to Life” section designed to teach anyone at any age how to do something… like

IMG_6167IMG_6166Butcher a pig, for ages 46-59, (my age demographic, here!) build a stone wall, play poker for money, or identify edible plants… I like that plant stuff. And poker. I’m not offended that the pig butchering was not in my age group.

IMG_6182Some of the best and most humorous writing though, was in the shorter info-graphic-y sections like “How Your World Works- How High Can I Get Up In A Lawn Chair With Balloons?” No author credit is given, but credit needs to go to whoever wrote this section- it was funny.


IMG_6180IMG_6181The best- in the Skills section, which has the lead in “Found a dangerous piece of heavy machinery with the keys in the ignition? Here’s what to do next.”- “How to Drive Anything”- complete with Action Hero Bonus information! Alexander George, I like your writing. Please keep this up. Signed, a 48-year-old mom of teens. One of the best lines: “Tanks are not good for Fast getaways.” Duly noted. Thank you.

IMG_6172And another Skills article, a Q and A “Ask Roy” which covered noisy neighbor fixes and dangerous building advice…

There were a boatload of more interesting pieces in this month’s Popular Mechanics, not the least of which include an article explaining Blackberry’s QNX operating system, another explaining how some of the directors of “Furious 7” got an amazing action shot for the latest movie in the franchise,IMG_6185 a short but cool look at the 2015 Corvette (cool, but I’m a Mustang girl), and a TOTALLY SLICK look at what a 1965 Fender amplifier looks like, all exploded out for you to see each part.

My son will love this magazine now that I’ve finished it. I liked it so much that I think I’ll actually order a magazine again- we both would love this if these all represent how this publication usually rolls out.

Should I be worried that a lot of my interests align with those of a 14-year-old boy? I’ll reflect upon that question a little later… Top Gear’s Africa special is on and begging to be watched.

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