There’s a First Time for Everything…

I’ve never really met a wine that I didn’t like. I mean, REALLY didn’t like. Now, I don’t care for the infamous Two Buck Chuck, but I might cook with it if I had some on hand, which I don’t. Ever.  And I think Merlots are just watered down Cabernets, which are my favorite (I’m sure there are some good Merlots, I just like to annoy Merlot enthusiasts with that blanket statement).

Tonight, I was going to try a new wine with my bread and cheese for dinner, and I had a fabulously disappointing bottle of Médoc. A Château Langlade 2012 Médoc, to be exact.

Surprise! This was terrible! I strongly suspect that something actually was wrong with its cork… blech.

This bottle was so disappointing that it will be going back to the store where it was purchased. I don’t think I’ve ever returned a bottle of wine.

But, as I mentioned, there’s a first time for everything. Maybe I’ll pick up a Merlot while I’m at the same shop…

Just kidding. It will be a Cab, for sure!