Vegan Restaurant or Donut Shop… Tough Decisions

Today’s foray into new food was setting up to be one of extremes- it was looking like either vegan fast food or a donut shop. The restaurant wasn’t where I thought it was. Oops. However, the donut shop on the walk up the hill to find it was looking mighty good! But, I turned the corner and there it was, right where The Girl pointed it out to me a couple of years ago. Her friend works at “The Loving Hut,” the largest family of vegan restaurants worldwide, and a meatless Lent makes this the perfect time to finally try this restaurant.

You know It’s a good joint when there are two Buddhist monks sitting in a booth near you, and the satellite choice is tuned to jazz combo music. Yea!

I ordered way too much for lunch so I could share with whoever shows an interest, IF I decide to share…

Fresh Summer Rolls
Fresh Summer Rolls

Fresh Summer Rolls– lots of basil, carrots and jicama for crunchiness and protein of soy ham and tofu. Very good.

Ginger Tofu from The Loving Hut
Ginger Tofu

Ginger Tofu– whoops… remembered that I don’t care for ginger. Fortunately, it wasn’t overloaded with ginger. It was just plain good, a gingery-teriyaki-ish sauce on tofu cubes that might have been fried. They were good, however they were prepared. 

IMG_5671Healthy Fried Rice– it’s darn near impossible to make a good fried rice with brown rice, even The Boy would like this. I don’t like meat in my fried rice but love the scrambled bits of egg. I didn’t miss my egg as the fried bits of chopped tofu were really delicious. 

more of the menu options at The Loving Hut- non-GMO, organic tofu used...
more of the menu options at The Loving Hut- non-GMO, organic tofu used…

The guys working were really helpful with suggestions for what to order next time (oh yes, there WILL be a next time). Lucky Lemongrass soy fillet with veggies, the wonton soup, Crispy Chow Mein noodle bowl filled with sautéed veggies and soy, Drunken Noodle stir fry, and a couple of taco options all came highly recommended. 

And jazz music. Did I mention that? Piano bar jazz on their background music playlist. 

The Loving Hut is neither fast food, nor junky, and all around delicious- I will be coming back here soon.

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6 thoughts on “Vegan Restaurant or Donut Shop… Tough Decisions”

  1. The only time our family went to a vegan restaurant we all vowed never to try vegan again. The veganaise was rather tasteless as was the rest of the food. However, your place sounds like they are actually interested in making the food tasty. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Veganaise… Doesn’t sound that apetizing. We need to try some new restaurants and vent about teenagers – where have any new coffee shops opened up? Or even better- wine bars? Let’s go, Jan!


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