Kombucha Coming Atcha!


God bless you.

No no no. You aren’t supposed to say ‘bless you’ after hearing someone say ‘kombucha.’ My spell checker sure doesn’t recognize it as a word. The Crunchy People have brought us another good-for-you product, that’s all. It’s a drink, kind of like a fizzy, fermented soft-drinky tea-ish sort of thing. Sweeter than plain tea, not as yeasty as beer, practically no alcohol and can be sold to and drunk by anyone. Especially by people who are trying to do new things. The best thing about kombucha is that it is yet another one of the foods you can eat that is really good for you- it is in the same category as yogurt, kimchi and sauerkraut- it’s all in the probiotics, baby, and although kombucha supposedly has a lot, it is also killed off in the pasteurization process.

Here’s a link to a good article on the subject:  Kombucha- Is It Really Good For You? 

The kombucha craze is just beginning to rev up. It is in more stores and you may be hearing of it or reading about this lightly fermented drink with more frequency.

The Husband and I tried three flavors of kombucha being sold at North of the Border Bike Shop on Sorrento Valley Blvd. Doug, one of the owners, was game to selling the stuff, setting up the taps and voilà, kombucha on tap for you to imbibe. And you know what? I liked it. The orange kombucha was my favorite, The Husband preferred the cherry. I’d drink this stuff fresh on tap as is, I’d like to bring some home, and I would pick up a bottle from a store, now that I know I like it.  Doug and Mike are even selling small take-home kegs for your drinking pleasure after hours.

*UPDATE* Doug has since said “Please do note, ‘Kombucha Gardens,’ the brand we sell is NOT pasteurized. A benefit of selling on tap. So, you do get the good stuff… probiotics.”

Go for it. Try something new. God bless you.

You know, I like this stuff! Kombucha on tap at North of the Border Bikes
Tasting, testing… aaaannnd… you know, I like this stuff!
Kombucha on tap at North of the Border Bikes

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    1. Oh my gosh, Jared, this post got flagged by my comment filter, you spammy guy! Bryan an I will track down some of the places you are supplying for sure. PBJs and oranges for the ADD riders’ lunch stop at our house again this year, maybe we should provide kombucha, too?


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