Moscato D’Oro, Peaches (almost) from Heaven, and A Nice Evening…

One of the best Napa wine tours I ever attended ended the winery visit with not only samples of their cellars, but with foods paired with the wines. I will never forget how deliciously a sauvignon blanc pairs with bruschetta, or how lovely a dessert wine tastes with shortbread and strawberries. I am not a fan of sweeter wines, but a well made dessert wine can be heavenly. Even if you are a die-hard dry red lover like me, I bet you can find a dessert wine that you like, too.

Peaches, Mahón cheese, and Moscato D'Oro
Peaches, Mahón cheese, and Moscato D’Oro

The Husband is not too fond of sweet wines, but he had no choice. I made him try a Moscato D’Oro from Robert Mondavi Winery, along with a Mahón cheese and fresh peaches. Fresh peaches… aahhhh… is there any fruit better than tree ripened fresh peaches? I practically turn orange this time of year from eating so many peaches. If I don’t keep The Boy out of the most recent box, I won’t have enough to make another cobbler. I better hide them.

The Husband had no complaints about the wine. If he did, I would hide the next cobbler from him. I fight dirty. He didn’t care for the cheese pairing but nonetheless, we still ate all the cheese. I loved the fruity flavors of this wine- such rich peach and berry flavors. Maybe I’ll make that cobbler tomorrow and we will finish off the wine tomorrow.

It has been over twenty years since I’ve had a dessert wine, so I am counting this as something new. The last time was that Napa trip, our honeymoon. Thanks for being my wine buddy tonight, sweetie!

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