Digging through Netflix and Tumbler…

This has been a screen day for me while all the family has been out and about with their own work, friends, and activities.

I nearly finished a two season, ten show series “The Forsyte Saga,” then had The Girl and Friend show me a bunch of their internet finds… I don’t know which I enjoyed more. Probably the girls’ videos, because I’ve had enough of drama- real or screen, although I did enjoy the period drama.

On a funny side note though, when I checked in on Facebook this morning, what do I see trending but who’s a favorite to be the new James Bond… One guy is none other than that baddie from “The Forsyte Saga.” I’ve just spent nearly 15 hours watching Damien Lewis be a complete rat-bastard with control issues, (how much tragedy can an extended family take? Holy Moly, give them a break). The characters were well written, though, and even the more despicable ones were so well fleshed out that you could almost understand (but not condone) their motives. I’d recommend the series, overall.

Topping my favorite videos shared by The Girl and her friends has to be “Enamorada,” a video by Dvicio…  or “five gorgeous men singing in a car,” according to them.

Click through and enjoy!