Let’s See If That Dump Cake Recipe Book Really Delivers…

I’m dubious, but I bought this book at the drugstore. Have you seen the late-night infomercial with the lady mixing up delicious cakes in minutes, no… SECONDS flat! “As Seen On T.V.” stuff… I know you are wondering about it, too, don’t deny it… we all are on the verge of purchasing a case of Left Handed Turnip Twaddlers, just like Opus the Penguin.*

I was game enough to plunk down ten bucks at CVS- no dealing with shipping, handling or over-the-phone credit card purchases. For less than the cost of a movie I will entertain myself for a couple hours with either surprisingly delicious cake results, or, even more fun, surprisingly ridiculous, disastrous, experiments.

It’s a win-win around here!

Three ingredients go into the greased 9″x13″ pan- Berries, Chocolate Cake Mix, and a Stick of Butter
Step One: 3 cups of strawberries go into a greased 9″ x 13″ baking pan.
Step Two: Evenly sprinkle the chocolate cake mix on top of the berries.
Step Three: Lay one sliced stick of butter on top, trying to cover as much of the cake as possible.
Finished cake has some spots with dry cake mix...
45 minutes at 350 and here it is. Finished cake has some spots with dry cake mix…
But, it tasted pretty good.
…but, it tasted pretty good. This wasn’t too bad, honestly. I wouldn’t make it for company… but I’m going to give it another try with one of the apple cake recipes

*Can I get a shout out from anyone who recognized the Bloom County reference?