On Coffee…

“Betty Gene, would you like me to bring you a cup of coffee in bed?”
The Husband to my Gramma

“Sure, kid!”
Betty Gene

The Husband proceeds to hand her a mug filled with coffee beans.

That exchange between my Gramma and The Husband happened years ago, around 1995 when she and my mom were visiting. They had the run of our bedroom while we slept in the living room. Gramma’s husband has always treated her like a queen, including bringing the morning’s first cup of coffee to her while she was still in bed. We all love to bring up that joke whenever someone offers anyone a cup of coffee… “remember the time Bryan brought you that cup of beans, Gramma?” 

I knew about her early morning coffee delivery and by the time I was a fan of coffee, too, I’d take advantage of it. Whenever Betty Gene and John drove their big RV to my parents’ home, usually for Christmas, I’d get out to their home on wheels, take over his side of the bed and sit there with my Gramma, demanding my mug, too. And he always brought it.

Friday evening, in the middle of the desert, I took advantage of a Starbucks to help break up my three hour drive home. I have high standards for coffee, and don’t care for theirs, usually. Like many people, though, I’m a HUGE fan of their concoction they offer every fall and winter, that chemical, probably crack-laced Pumpkin Spice Latte… two pumps, not three, easy whip, please and thank you! The rest of the year I find their basic coffee-shop brew over roasted, making it harsh and bitter.

What the heck, they finally got it right! Have you tried that Flat White? Are they using better beans? A different roast? Or have they just got the right amount of espresso to whole milk down, finally.

The Flat White is good. Especially when it is 90 degrees, you are in the middle of nowhere, and breaking up your long drive home.

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