New Menu Monday- Meatloaf Swapped for Swedish Meatballs, HOLY YUM!!

Screenshot of Click to link to her Swedish Meatball recipe!

The blog Damn Delicious is aptly named. Go there now. Pin, bookmark, share on Facebook, save this recipe however you can, but keep this recipe. Even more importantly, MAKE IT SOON!

Swedish Meatballs swimming in perfect gravy, served with broccoli.
Swedish Meatballs swimming in perfect gravy, served with broccoli. is run by Chung-Ah, who does not profess to be a trained cook. Well, this gal has taught herself well and paid great attention to anyone who and anything that ever taught her to appreciate food and its preparation.

I can’t believe that this came out looking as good IRL as her recipe looks online! And HOLY COW this was good. If a meal has noodles, sauce and meat, it is instantly one of my favorites. Four out of five of us loved it- The Boy (The Dissenter) thought it had too many onions, The Boyfriend loved it despite the onions. The Husband raved, The Girl was still praising these meatballs over two hours later.

I followed the recipe exactly with one change and one mistake- I added a couple of teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce, and accidentally added two whole eggs instead of just two egg yolks. I bet my meatballs would have been less tough with just yolks… but that is really nit-picking. This was Damn Delicious!

If you want to fuss with making meatballs (does 20 minutes of scooping and rolling count as a fuss?), make this recipe. Big tip- use a cookie scoop and they will halfway make themselves. Mine is a two tablespoon scoop that I use for cookies, and I found it a perfect helper. The other kitchen tip is use a cast iron skillet- this one is my 12″ pan and I swear by it.

Look at all that lucious GRAVY!!!!!
Look at all that lucious GRAVY!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “New Menu Monday- Meatloaf Swapped for Swedish Meatballs, HOLY YUM!!”

    1. Oh my GOSH that recipe looks wonderful! I’m bookmarking it to try soon, thanks so much for the suggestion! I always get stuck on finding new and different side dishes to accompany my main dishes. I look forward to going through your blog and getting some ideas!

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    1. Can you believe that it is a full day later and my daughter is still saying how much she liked those meatballs? Have you just recently set up your blog? It looks great! And wow, beautiful photography! I’m just learning how to take better photos; you have a good eye for framing and lighting, for sure. I liked your blog recommendations, too, and have clicked to follow some- you’ve got great taste! I’ve always wanted to visit London, keep posting the restaurant reviews so I will have a good idea of where to eat :oD


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