Testing Tempura Shrimp to Pick Me Up

I spent the morning poring over college websites to prepare for the visits we will make for The Girl’s upcoming Big Decision. Although I knew that this talented, intelligent and witty, Chip off the Ol’ Block (HA! See what I did there?) would be making her choice soon, it still feels like a punch in the gut. This is my first-born to whom I frequently refer as my sense of humor. This will not be easy.

Enough with sobering topics- time to try something new to cheer me up. Today, I went with two new things- my birthday Japanese dinner ware and a new tempura shrimp I picked up from Costco. Yes, I am easily cheered.

Hamachi (Yellowtail) Sashimi, caught that morning- click for a great poke recipe!
Hamachi (Yellowtail) Sashimi, caught that morning- click the pic for a great poke recipe!

I finally used my birthday gift certificates in November that I received from The Mom- and Sister-in-Law way back in April last year. This new set of Japanese dishes has sat in the china cabinet, waiting for when The Sis-in-law comes with her family for one of our sashimi-fests we’ve enjoyed when the men have caught yellowtail or ahi. Thank you Husband and his Brother-in-law for braving what I won’t- sea sickness! Holy yum, it has been fabulous every time they have caught anything.

Tiger Thai brand Tempura Shrimp
Tiger Thai brand Tempura Shrimp, click the pick for the link!
Close-up of yum...
Close-up of yum…

No one has been out fishing lately, but I did have that tempura shrimp and edamame in the freezer, and rice leftovers. It was Game On because I wanted to use that dishware.  Tiger Thai’s Tempura Shrimp came in four plastic wrapped styrofoam trays, five per tray with dipping sauce packs. The shrimp crisped nicely in the toaster oven in about 10 minutes while the rest of lunch got thrown together. You know how a lot of frozen foods are often poor versions of what is available from a restaurant? I thought that was going to be the case here but, surprise, surprise- I can honestly say, this frozen Shrimp Tempura was definitely tasty. Great texture, great flavor, not greasy, which is always The Husband’s complaint with tempura. I’d get it again, for sure.

T'was dee-lish!
‘Twas dee-lish!

And I love my birthday plates, tea cups, leetle-bitty sauce dishes, rice/soup bowls and tea kettle. I picked up everything from Cost Plus World Market, and if you are interested, I believe they are still available.

Fuji Blossom Dinnerware from Cost Plus World Market
Fuji Blossom Dinnerware from Cost Plus World Market. Click the Pic for the link…