Movie Review with The Boy- “Kingsmen- The Secret Service”

Google link for "Kingsmen- The Secret Service"
Google link for “Kingsmen- The Secret Service”

Took The Boy to an R rated movie… that’s a first. While watching previews at another movie,”Kingsman- The Secret Service,” came up and we all thought it looked great. So, before our Mother and Son Night Out, I read the preview information online, like a good mom does, and thought it sounded about as raunchy or violent as your basic action-adventure movie. Whoops!

You know what isn’t a first? The Boy sharing what’s on his mind and asking questions about EVERYTHING. And he had a bunch about “Kingsman.” While he will turn to his father, I am usually the parent of choice when he wants answers. His usual M.O.? Plop down in my car after school, wait about five minutes, then go straight to the heart of some adolescent query. No subject is off limits. I frequently have to remember Parenting Rule #1: “When 14-year-olds ask surprising questions, do NOT bug your eyes out or do a spit take. Especially when driving. Remember the magic words: “Why do you ask, dear?'”

Both The Boy and I are on the squeamish side. Movies featuring hundreds of head blowing up while the soundtrack plays our favorite pop tunes are a bit much for us. His parting opinion was “Eesh, that changes my opinion of humanity somewhat!” I felt that for a spy flick, Kingsmen was silly, with much of the comedy I wanted to see there, but surprisingly worked into the violence. I like silly, and comedy, and despite the violence, I’d see it again. The Boy? Probably not.

For a great review, check, which is where I lifted that photo up top…

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