Boba Tea at a New Thai Shop- Crowded for a Reason

At noon on Wednesday and The Husband and I were near the same neighborhood at the same time so we met at a new-ish spot for lunch. Handy, since I hadn’t decided what new adventure to have for the day. He’s rather accommodating if food is involved.

I really do have a list of things to try or do. I started compiling ideas last summer, probably grumpy after cancelling my plans to do one thing or another… boo hoo, poor me. My pity party got the crabbiness out of my system, and soon grew into the largest note on my phone logging all kinds of various things I have been meaning to do or try, but never seemed to get around to actually doing. I also decided to do what every other person between the age of 10 and 90 seems to have done with any half-baked idea…

I put it into a blog.

Boba Tea- see the big ol' tapioca globs?
Boba Tea- see the big ol’ tapioca globs?

Back to Sab-E-Lee and their Boba Tea-

Know anything about boba tea? All I knew was we see shops selling it everywhere, with the necessary wide straw to suck up the large tapioca pearls that make this such a unique drink. The Husband reported trying it once and that he didn’t like it. I did.

Keep in mind that I like tapioca. Why do people hate on tapioca? Boba tea is kind of like a sweet, iced latte, but with a strong tea instead. I can see why kids like this drink- it is highly interactive what with playing with the super wide straw to suck up the huge tapioca pearls. Interesting note- The Husband admitted that this was much better than the last boba tea he tried, he drank half of it.

Why did he drink half of my milky tea? Because, Sab-E-Lee serves its food HOT! When ordering, you specify the heat level, 1-10. His Drunken Noodles were requested at level #3. This half-Mexican loved his lunch, but admitted that next visit he will drop to a #2. The couple at the next table and the server all confirmed that Sab-E-Lee is one of the hotter places to get your chili pepper fix in San Diego.

Pad-Dee-Ewe, no heat, thankyouverymuch!
Pad-Dee-Ewe, no heat, thankyouverymuch!

Sab-E-Lee was packed at noon, and for a good reason. I ordered Pad-See-Ewe with shrimp (#0!), and I loved it. Big, fat, rice noodles, stir fried with egg, Chinese broccoli, other vegetables and a delicious sauce. Mine was so good, I didn’t even try any of The Husband’s food. He reports that the Drunken Noodles were fabulous.

We will be back.

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