New Hike to the Marble Rocks

While hiking with The Husband  Torrey Pines State Reserve I came across an area with little rounded rocks on the upper trail head of the beach walk. I hadn’t seen anything like them before- but he had. On a mountain biking trail not too far from Torrey Pines he filled me in that there were the same type of rocks, bigger, and practically everywhere. The Boy and I are big fans of rocks and minerals, and I can’t believe that he passed up today’s opportunity to make this short walk to see little bitty round rocks EVERYWHERE (yes I can, what teen wants to hang out with their parents?).

LIttle bitty round rocks found on a nature hike!
LIttle bitty round rocks found on a nature hike!

Lucky me, we had errands to run today in the same area near this rocky treat! After we dropped off The In-Laws at their golf venue… that big ol’ shindig happening at the Torrey Pines Golf Course, we drove over to the Ocean Air Recreation Center to park and walk a few of the short trails. There was no hunting necessary, these little boogers were all over the place! Happy me, happy day!

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