Thinking Fast May Get You McNuggets!

Wednesday evenings are low-key; we often make dinner out of some junky, heat ‘n eat thing that passes for food (I never met a corn dog I didn’t like). As I sat taking some notes for this 2015 project, I asked my daughter if there are any different, new-to-us fast food joints that she’d like to try in our very multi-cultural city.

IMMIDIATELY she comes back with, “Oh, how about that Golden Arches” place… I’ve never tried those McNugget things, yeah… I hear they are pretty good,” completely straight faced as she hands me this load of bull pucky (as great-grandpa would have pegged it).

This, coming from my child who has at least one social media account under the name “ItsRainingMcNuggets.

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DJones BranchingOut

Pushing 50 and it's time to try a few (maybe... 365?) new things. This blog is not about reinventing oneself or one's life, but about how much fun one can have while going out on a limb and branching out. Kicking anxiety's butt one day at a time, yeah!

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