We Never Want to See you Again…

Some of the sweetest words ever spoken to me were “…and we hope to never see you again!”

Recently I was under the watch of the Polster Breast Care Center. I am grateful for the kindness shown to me every time I came in for an appointment. Never did I feel rushed, never did a question go unanswered. One of the ultrasound docs even sat with me and helped me come up with questions about the extraordinary amount of junk showing up on my scans. Bottom line, after two years and four MRIs, I’m fine. Praise God and the fine staff at Polster!

Bringing teas and coffees to Polster Breast Care Center today. I won them in a raffle at a Mom’s club last week, and have more than enough already. The women who are waiting for their appointments have a restful lounge area to sit in, and I know someone will enjoy these treats. I’d wager that we all have things like this that we could share… look around, is there maybe something you have that could give someone else a little lift?


Thanks to Anne for providing the coffees and teas that I won!