Photo Bombing… Yarn Bombing… Now Here’s COUPON BOMBING

Yarn Bombing in Boston (photo credit... me! Ha!)
Yarn Bombing in Boston (photo credit… me! Ha!)
The Very Viral Photo Bombing Squirrel
Remember him? The photo bombing Squirrel- AKA the Crasher Squirrel

A grocery chain in our area has been bought out by and replaced with another, and the prices have definitely increased. I asked the manager of one store if there was any reason why, and all he could figure was the lack of a direct supplier like the other chain used to have. There’s the economics lesson today: insert middleman, increase prices.

I rarely use coupons lately, but instead of relegating this week’s stack straight to my recycle bin… why don’t I just sneak on over to the pricy new store with a roll of tape and see what kind of mischief I can make?


Holy cow, have you seen the prices on formula and razors lately?!?


I matched up the coupons from the newspaper’s Sunday ads and taped them to the products. In all, I taped about $13 in coupons on about eight or so products. I sure hope someone who was coming along to buy one of these products got a laugh along with their savings.

No one who worked there seemed to notice… maybe the people watching on the security cameras got a chuckle out of seeing some crackpot lady walking around with a tape dispenser and pile of coupons in her shopping cart stealthily trying to stick coupons around the store… ha.

Clip a few coupons and scatter the savings. It makes for quite an enjoyable afternoon.

Here’s to sharing the savings with total strangers!