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Outside the box.

Creative thinking and hard work will always take you far:

Laugh Up My Sleeve


Some may call it cheating – I call it a creative mind! (Ha ha)

Thinking outside the box enables us to be more creative – to breakdown and overcome the norm. Thinking outside the box is what allows entrepreneurs and businessmen to succeed. It’s finding a different way to handle things, it’s trying to find a better way. Thinking outside the box helped grow huge corporations like Apple and Microsoft. It allows people who yearn for freedom to escape the unwritten societal rules about how life ‘should’ be lived, and hell – backpack across Europe for two years.

For example – society wants me to eat eggs or cereal for breakfast, but nope – not for this outoftheboxthinker…

I ate the leftover half of my turkey burger, AND a bite of pasta salad. Take that, society and diet.

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Book of the Month

March Read: “The Mistaken Wife”- finished!

Finished March's Book of the Month- "The Mistaken Wife," by Rose Melikan. If you like historical fiction that you can set down, go to the computer, brush up on your world history, then continue reading when you've satisfied your curiosity about the facts behind the fiction, this series is for you. None of that is… Continue reading March Read: “The Mistaken Wife”- finished!

Random Newness

Road Trip- The Theatre Company, Upland California

Three moms met at the High School, loaded a couple hundred costumes into their SUVs, then blew out of San Diego for the 100+ mile trek to Upland. A couple hours later, they were unloading, chatting as they worked quickly. Speeding through the costumes, maternal instincts motivated these women, for they all had either children… Continue reading Road Trip- The Theatre Company, Upland California

Food and Drink

Best By, Use By, Science Fair Project By…

Looking to try something different for dinner instead of the family's usual mac and cheese? Be careful with pierogi, they probably have not only a Use By/Freeze By date, but also a Definitely Destroyed date and a Beware: Do Not Open- Science Fair Project In Process date to boot. Mine were well into the latter.… Continue reading Best By, Use By, Science Fair Project By…

Food and Drink

Loquats from Richard (if that is his real name)

I met Richard when we lived in Indianapolis, when he was on a business trip to work with The Husband. A Chinese native, he said we should just use his American name, "Richard." I remember joking, "Richard, huh. If that is your real name..." and this is how we have referred to him ever since.… Continue reading Loquats from Richard (if that is his real name)