Ever Have Corn Casserole?

I never did, until Friday evening… the only reason I was able to try this stuff is that I took a new friend up on her offer to get together. When you tag the mother of The Boyfriend on Facebook, it can result in all the moms and dads hanging out to share favorite family dishes while they dish about their kids. Ha!

I brought the pulled pork and cookies- she shared cookies, caprese salad and this casserole. Her cookies were better than mine AND we found a new side to serve. I count that as a winning day.

This is Jan’s dish that her family always wants at their gatherings- Corn Casserole. I have never even heard of it, and like many family favorites around the world, it has only a few simple ingredients. I dug around on Pinterest this morning to find a version and landed on this one: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/59250551321439494/ that linked to KeyIngredient.com

Corn Casserole:

1 8 oz box of Jiffy Corn Bread mix
1 15 oz can of creamed corn
1 15 oz can of regular corn, with canning juice
1 8 oz carton of sour cream
1 4 oz stick of butter, melted

(other variations add a little bit of sugar, various amounts of shredded cheddar, or an egg or two)

Combine all ingredients, pour into a buttered casserole dish, bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

From KeyIngredient.com click for the link!
From KeyIngredient.com click for the link!

That’s it! Really. And it was unbelievably good. I know just what my father would do to this recipe- he’d break out five different peppers from Bells to Chipotles. My mom would add sugar. Then double it.

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