Purple Artichokes? Interesting, but How Do They Taste?

While buying apples for tomorrow’s taste testing with the techies (teen techies, technically… I’ll stop the alliteration now), I found Purple Artichokes. I would have just walked past, but I’m on the lookout for the novel, new or unknown so, into the cart they went! With tech week going on and no kids to cook for, I’m much more willing to try something new with no teens saying “Ew, what’s that?!?”

Purple Artichokes, ready to prep.
Purple Artichokes, ready to prep.
Trimmed, top and bottom.
Trimmed, top and bottom.

I grew up eating artichokes and wondered if these tasted different. After a wash and trim, they were ready for a 30-40 minute steam. I didn’t trim the thorny top from each leaf… ain’t nobody got time for that. I highly recommend sticking around the kitchen to ensure your pot doesn’t boil dry (read: don’t go start writing your blog post for the night) . We can testify that your home and the outermost leaves will smell something reminiscent of an ashtray… yep. Once past the first three or four leaves, though, it was all a happy, butter-drenched extravaganza. Let’s admit it, artichokes taste great but are really just an excuse to eat more butter.

Purple Artichoke, Butter, Shrimp, Butter, and Butter
Purple Artichoke, Butter, Shrimp, Butter, and Butter

The Purple Artichokes were just as delicious as a regular Globe Artichoke. No notable difference in flavor or texture.

I remember EONS ago when I was in college but still living at home. This was when I started to cook- really cook, not just bake cookies. A produce company Frieda’s provided new, exotic fruits and vegetables to our local grocery stores that I had never noticed before. Frieda’s reminds me how I couldn’t wait to start shopping and cooking for myself. I still love finding bargains and cooking for our family. Frieda’s Inc. is still around and will you look at one of their feature photos from their site? It is the same purple artichoke that is on our menu tonight: 

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4 thoughts on “Purple Artichokes? Interesting, but How Do They Taste?”

  1. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for your kind word! Yes, we are still around, going on 53 years of inspiring home cooks everywhere with exotic produce! Our founder, Frieda Caplan, is going to be 92 this year and she still comes to work everyday! If that doesn’t inspire us to bring great new products to your local store, I don’t know what does!

    We are so happy to hear that you enjoy our Sangria artichokes. We love their meaty leaves and nutty flavors. The season is on the short side this year, but they’ll be back again in the fall.

    Again, thank you for thinking of us!

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    1. You are most welcome! Honestly, I really do remember Frieda’s being my intro to looking at foods available in my local grocery stores in a whole new way. From there I ate up every food magazine, cooking show, and cookbook. Frieda sounds like my 98-yearold gramma, who only recently slowed down!


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