Thursday’s Farmers Market- Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley’s Farmers Market is… practically nonexistent. But if you are looking for about half a dozen different food vendors, or want your Carmel Valley teen to get a nice bite to eat after school, it is a handy hodge podge of snack shops. No McFood here!

There are about seven food vendor stalls, and the students from Canyon Crest and Cathedral Catholic High Schools are very fond of them, but that’s all there is.

Buy this guy's bread!
Buy this guy’s bread! And practice your French…

I had a great chat with one vendor, in French, yeah! Go me. He sells breads and traditional French pastries and cookies up at the Welk Resort Farmers Market on Mondays, too. According to this Parisian boulanger, Carmel Valley’s market used to have three more produce vendors, but they are gone for the season. As for his bread, I bought the small, rustic, olive bread. I will be back for more- this is seriously good bread!

Other vendors included Red Brick oven fired artisanal pizza (Holy Stromboli, it smelled crazy good! I’ve heard great things about their foods), the ubiquitous hummus guy (he’s at all the markets!), a smoothie/boba place (pricey at $6 for a boba tea, according to our International Teen who lives with us), Cassie’s Crêpes (could this be the same stand that we saw at the OB market last night?), and a Mexican food vendor, Mariskos Mi Playita, selling seafood snacks.

The olive bread made a great dinner for The Husband and me, along with soft goat cheese and our last pineapple tomato picked up on Monday’s Farmers Market visit. On the list tomorrow: tomatoes.

A Fine Dinner!
A Fine Dinner!

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