Orange Honeydew… Who Came Up with This? Can I Kiss Them?

When we lived in Indiana, I loved our local farmer’s market. There was a vendor that sold bratwurst and pork patties, which would always become lunch when I returned. We’d also have fresh corn from “My Dad’s Sweet Corn,” picked that same day. And I would get the best cantaloupe in Indiana. Here’s the secret: Indiana has the nation’s best cantaloupe. And tomatoes. Lunch of the gods, people, no lie.

Orange Honeydew!!!!

The family had to try a new fruit today, because I wanted to. So there. Eat up, everyone! I’m pretty sure this is is an Orange Honeydew… whatever it is, OH MY GOSH, IT’S DELICIOUS! There’s a cantaloupe in the background for size comparison. This was worthy of serving with the bratwurst.

The Husband: This sure doesn’t taste like a cantaloupe.
Me: Because it isn’t.
Him: It’s good, though…
Me: (finally tasting the melon) This is good… (another bite) Holy COW, this is DELICIOUS!
The Boy: It’s good (high praise from a 14-year-old).

photo of an Orange Honeydew from
photo of an Orange Honeydew from
Sugar Kiss Melon
Sugar Kiss Melon- from

I tried looking up online what kind of melon this was, Google to the rescue! I’m pretty sure I bought it at Trader Joe’s, but I can’t for the life of me remember what kind of melon it is. came to the rescue with a great list and photos of all kinds of melons that you never even knew existed. I’m going to have to try some of these- anyone for a “Sugar Kiss Melon?”

Good grief, this is a great fruit. It kept forever on the counter -like two weeks- and was still crisp, and one of the sweetest melons I have ever tasted. Golden Honeydew has a very light texture, is more crisp than a regular honeydew, and is ultra-juicy with a sweet, sweet perfume-y and floral flavor. Really. I’m not making this up. Go get one, you’ll see.

Great with our favorite, bratwurst!
Golden Honeydew. Yum.

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