Pan Dulce, Grande Style: Is It Really Better?

Pan Dulce- grande y pequeño

Earlier this week I went shopping at Pancho Villa’s Market with a friend who knew her way around the Mexican grocery store better than I did. She shared a great tip- if you like pan dulce, try the larger version sold as “Concha Grande,” that look like a monster Pan Dulce. Dee Dee says that she thinks that the larger loaves are more moist than the little rolls.

Going for a dunk…

We tried our big loaf o’ Pan Dulce this morning at breakfast with our chorizo burritos. We all agreed with Dee Dee… Yum! It was great dipped in coffee and nice on its own. Down right delicious like the little rolls, but the smaller Pan Dulces are definitely a bit more dry.

Haven’t had Pan Dulce before? Try them for breakfast or a snack. Look for them in most Mexican grocery stores with bakeries.


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2 thoughts on “Pan Dulce, Grande Style: Is It Really Better?”

  1. Hi, I’m a long ago high school friend of your mother. See her at HS reunions. She told me about your blog and it sounds like yall ( yeah, I live in Texas now) are having too much fun!! I wonder, could it be that STOUT beer? 😀

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