Today I Made a New Friend

Photo cred to my dad. Props, dad!

His name is Porter, and he can be your friend, too. He is frequently found at Division 23 Brewing. He will probably be your friend, too, if you have popcorn in your hand!

I didn’t have any new beers on this visit, but my mom did. Should we count that as my New Thing O’ The Day? Mom doesn’t like beer, and I don’t know if anyone has ever gotten her to try beers before…


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DJones BranchingOut

Pushing 50 and it's time to try a few (maybe... 365?) new things. This blog is not about reinventing oneself or one's life, but about how much fun one can have while going out on a limb and branching out. Kicking anxiety's butt one day at a time, yeah!

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