Friday Night Football and Food-to-Go… The Habit Burger Grill Review

 Fast Food chains have been classing it up more lately, have you noticed? We have seen several great food joints open up in our area, and alongside our great classic spots (In-N-Out!!), we’ve never had better choices here in So Cal. A recent article in Bon Appétit Magazine shares which ones they think should be on your food radar:

FastfoodRestaurants-MainImage-2800x2800-620x620The Fast Food Restaurants You Should Be Watching in 2015

We in the Land of In-N-Out Burgers have the privilege of knowing a good, basic burger when we see one. Tonight we hit a new restaurant… new to me, at least, and one of the places mentioned in the Bon Appétit article- The Habit Burger Grill.

IMG_9028-0Bottom line: the fries were really good! As much as I love In-N-Out, I really love everyone else’s fries more than theirs. The onion rings were nothing special at all. But about The Habit’s Burger? Well… it was definitely good, just not great. The price was great, about $7 for burger, drink, and fries, but I think my hamburger tasted only marginally better than a Big Mac.

If I want a great hamburger, I’m still going to head to In-N-Out. I have heard, however, that the salads and other sandwich variety is really nice at The Habit. So, if you want more variety, The Habit is a good spot- great prices, good selection, and really good fries. But if it is a basic cheeseburger or hamburger you are craving, stick with In-N-Out.

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