Found: Breakfast Dish for Holiday Visitors

I almost missed this today, pulling my usual “Guess I’ll Forget What’s on My Calendar for Today, Even Though i Checked My Calendar Yesterday AND This Morning!!” (I don’t want to admit how many of my or my kids’ appointments I have completely forgotten…)

One of my friends brought this small, single serving sized, delicious, and super-versatile breakfast dish to a meeting I nearly forgot to attend…

Click the photo or this link- Today Show Recipe- Make Ahead Egg Soufflés

This is a very forgiving recipe, my friend used her favorite cheeses and Denver Omelette style fillings for the suggested spinach and artichokes. Puff pastry + your favorite quiche or omelette fillings = fabulously easy and equally delicious breakfast or brunch!

"Make-ahead mornings: These easy baked egg soufflés freeze and reheat beautifully!"
“Make-ahead mornings: These easy baked egg soufflés freeze and reheat beautifully!”

(both photos have been lifted right off of the Today Show’s website…. gotta give credit where the credit is due, ya know!)

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