Old Movies, Bugs Bunny, and Tricks from the “Official Teen Wrangling Handbook”

It is usually pretty easy to get The Boy to sit down and watch something with me, you just have to use the basic “Teen Handling Maneuver #24,” which, if you have consulted your Official Teen Wrangling Handbook, you know read as follows:

“If you want your teen to hang around to watch TV or a movie with you, just sit down, hit “play,” make yourself comfortable, and begin enjoying the show. If uninvited, your teen will probably hang around out of sheer curiosity. Teens are very curious. Offer nachos, if necessary. WARNING: this will not work if you invite them to watch with you, tell them how great the movie is, or if they have any of the following: a vehicle, keys to the vehicle, gas in the vehicle.”

Click for the IMDB link...
Click for the IMDB link…

Tonight I got him to watch a great old movie with me- The Canterville Ghost, 1944, with Charls Laughton, Robert Young and a very young Margaret O’Brien. It was a fun oldie, and even The Boy pronounced it “good.”

We finished up with about half a dozen Bugs Bunny cartoons, our all around favorite, no matter how much Bob’s Burgers kills us, Looney Tunes are the best.

If you have the square dance song memorized from this one, you have my respect:

Does life get any better than watching Bugs Bunny with your kids? Thank you, Netflix and You Tube!

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