Holy Yum Cheese Tasting- Cypress Grove Chèvre “Humboldt Fog”

Got a new cheese the other day,  I’ve been wanting to try this for quite a while. There is some fabulous goat cheese in America, people, you have to try this stuff. From Capriole Goat Cheese in Indiana to Cypress Grove in Arcata, California, we have really delicious artisanal products available.

Want a good place to learn about some of these fine cheeses? Read this: “Serious Cheese: Have You Tried These 6 Great U.S. Goat Cheeses?” is a great article to bring you up to speed. The good people at SeriousEats.com can get you up to speed on chèvre in its many forms.

Tonight we tried Cypress Grove Chèvre “Humboldt Fog.” It was creamy, smooth, with a bit of the tang of a bleu but with a wonderful taste that goat cheese is known for. It was delicious.

And it gets better- you can get this cheese in Costco right now! Or at least, we can in California.

I hope you can, too, because Costco has Humboldt Fog for a great price. It is available at other fine cheese shops, check their web page for purchase info. Go get some- try a new cheese.

Cypress Grove Chèvre "Humboldt Fog" is delicious.
Cypress Grove Chèvre “Humboldt Fog” is delicious.