Midweek Fun- Johnny Cardinale at Mad House Comedy Club

I went to a new place tonight, just for a laugh (Ha, get it? Comedy club? Just for a laugh? I crack myself up). The last time I went to a comedy club was when we lived in the Midwest, and before that was more than 20 years ago when I took a roommate to a show at The Groundlings in L.A.

It’s been awhile! We got to The Mad House Comedy Club in San Diego’s Horton Plaza in time for a late dinner, and for The Husband to say hi to an old friend… he went to school with the headliner back in the day. The entertainment was fab- man, I wish I were that witty! If Johnny is playing in your area, go catch him. His take on pop music chords really shows off his overall talent and comic ability. If you can judge a comic’s ability by how hoarse their audience is at the end of the set, well then, my voice was shot by the time we got back to the car. Lots o’ laughs.

T’was a ball, highly recommend the venue and the comic- Johnny Cardinale is a great and funny guy!

Funny guy Johnny Cardinale has appeared on Chelsea Lately, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Game Show Network and TV Guide Channel. Click his pic to get to his official website, the place from which I swiped this photo…
Mad House Comedy in San Diego’s Horton Plaza http://madhousecomedyclub.com/index.cfm

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