Housework vs. Binge Watching… there’s no choice here, really.

There is a big payoff when I catch up to my kids’ friends- the nagging ends. “Mrs. J, have you watched those movies I loaned you? Have you started Arrow yet? You are going to LOVE Daredevil!! WILL YOU PLEASE CATCH UP TO ME IN AGENTS OF SHIELD!” I think I have finally watched all of the Marvel movies and have almost finished going through my DVR’d Agents of Shield episodes. (one of the best lines from a show: “Perhaps we could have discussed this alone without all of Hufflepuff looking on”).

I have to admit, I did the same thing to some of these kids with the Harry Potter books- remember the childhood credo-” If you can dish it out, you gotta take it, too.” Years ago, the babysitters for my kids were great fun to talk with about the Potterverse.

another image straight from
another image straight from

Watched Iron Man 3 last night- loved it! Almost blinked and missed Stan Lee’s signature cameo, but I caught it. And I thought this movie had the best after-credits clip. I liked The Winter Soldier better, because it tied in so many of the sub-plots over the whole Marvel universe, but what do I know- maybe the new Avengers movie will tie into Iron Man 3? The Husband and I will try to catch it in the theater. But Iron Man 3? Loved it. Great character growth. I was too wrapped-up to note any favorite lines, whoops.

To wrap all of this up, I am a full-on fangirl now of the whole Marvel experience. Sigh. They got me, and I’m loving it. On to Agent Carter, Daredevil and the rest. Next time I look for a new show or movie to watch I’ll be choosing those that are NOT part of a huge, obsessively interwoven web of excitement. Again, I share the warning- don’t ask teens to recommend new TV shows or movies.

“Though she be but Little, she is Fierce.”

Saw “Midsummer Night’s Dream” with The Girl. I’ve never seen it before and always wanted to, so when she announced that she had control of the TV for homework’s sake, I joined in. I loved it when the “Though she be but little, she is fierce” line came up- I forgot that it came from this play and was surprised to see what the scene was like that contained this favorite quote.

Yea for English assignments that mean I get to watch Shakespeare that I had yet to see!

The lovely featured photo at the top came from this wiki page. It is a detail from a painting titled “The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania” by English artist Joseph Noel Paton in 1849.

I found this print on and it is available for purchase... click the pic for the link
I found this print on and it is available for purchase… click the pic for the link

Movie Review with The Boy- “Kingsmen- The Secret Service”

Google link for "Kingsmen- The Secret Service"
Google link for “Kingsmen- The Secret Service”

Took The Boy to an R rated movie… that’s a first. While watching previews at another movie,”Kingsman- The Secret Service,” came up and we all thought it looked great. So, before our Mother and Son Night Out, I read the preview information online, like a good mom does, and thought it sounded about as raunchy or violent as your basic action-adventure movie. Whoops!

You know what isn’t a first? The Boy sharing what’s on his mind and asking questions about EVERYTHING. And he had a bunch about “Kingsman.” While he will turn to his father, I am usually the parent of choice when he wants answers. His usual M.O.? Plop down in my car after school, wait about five minutes, then go straight to the heart of some adolescent query. No subject is off limits. I frequently have to remember Parenting Rule #1: “When 14-year-olds ask surprising questions, do NOT bug your eyes out or do a spit take. Especially when driving. Remember the magic words: “Why do you ask, dear?'”

Both The Boy and I are on the squeamish side. Movies featuring hundreds of head blowing up while the soundtrack plays our favorite pop tunes are a bit much for us. His parting opinion was “Eesh, that changes my opinion of humanity somewhat!” I felt that for a spy flick, Kingsmen was silly, with much of the comedy I wanted to see there, but surprisingly worked into the violence. I like silly, and comedy, and despite the violence, I’d see it again. The Boy? Probably not.

For a great review, check, which is where I lifted that photo up top…