Cabo Chips Churro flavor… Missing Something…

IMG_8171I picked up a bag of Cabo Chips at a grocery store near the beach recently, and broke them out last night for a taste testing.

Taco Bell remembers...
Taco Bell remembers…

Cabo Chips, Churro flavor… made me think of that side served by Taco Bell back in the 1980’s. I used to work at a Taco Bell in high school and one of my jobs was to fry all the tortillas for the taco salads and those fabulously cinnamon-y Cinnamon Crispas. If you think that they were not worth remembering, just do a search on Facebook and see how many people would like to see these cinnamon-dusted fried flour tortillas make a glorious comeback.

What does The Boy think?
What does The Boy think?

Honestly, I was hoping that the Cabo Chips would taste like the Cinnamon Crispas I used to fry up… but, it was not to be. While the bagged treat tasted nice, Cabo missed the boat with these by not using flour tortillas.

Too bad!
With corn tortilla chips the flavor just isn’t quite right.
Not bad, but not quite right.

Sharing Cookies and Thoughts on Practice and Past Times…

So, there are these people who work for The Husband… they deserve more than cookies. Lol. I’ve seriously been meaning to get treats to them for a long time. This is quite a group of highly intelligent, dedicated, and really interesting people! I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and crammed more than three dozen into a bag for The Husband to bring into a meeting today. Hopefully, everyone will get two cookies… maybe I should’ve sent in more.

I can crank out 12 dozen cookies in under two hours, including pans and kitchen cleaned, honestly, because I’ve made this recipe for 30+ years. I’ve made and sold hundreds of dozens of cinnamon rolls and can knock out a couple dozen with minimum effort. And I love cooking! It is a lot like an athlete’s love of practicing to develop muscle memory in a sport- I bet that anyone with a passion for anything would agree. Years of practice means few wasted steps in my kitchen; I know which equipment and ingredients to grab, measure, and use. Practice makes perfect, no matter what you are practicing… so be careful where you spend your time, right?

Pile o' cinnamon rolls for the teachers and school staff.
Pile o’ cinnamon rolls for school.

Nothing makes a baker happier than finding people with whom to share the goodies. In January I bring cinnamon rolls to the teachers and staff for Teacher Appreciation Day- ironically, I’m sure I feel more appreciated when they say they look forward to the rolls each year (Cinnabon knock-offs, I swear they are exactly like the shops in malls). It makes me happy.

I identity with these stickers...
I identify with these stickers…

I run a couple miles most mornings so I can eat that second taco or have a nightly glass of wine.  0.0 I Don't Run
…links to
I Don’t Run

If people don’t share these cookies and other treats, I’m going to have to earn one of those 13.1 or 26.2 stickers for the back of my own sweet ride. Bake on, people… and keep running, too.

Broken Dishwasher and Delayed Genius Moment

This may be the only new thing I get around to today, but I had a stroke of genius about dealing with the family’s glassware issues. Wooden clothes pins clipped to the glasses sitting on the counter. I can just hear Wile E. Coyote’s voice in my head whispering “Genius, sheer genius!” Then I think that it is pretty sad how it took me TWO WEEKS to come up with this idea, and Wile E. quiets down. The dishwasher has been out of commission for more than two weeks. I don’t recommend a Samsung. Now, I’m thankful for the family; I’m grateful for the dirty dishes indicating our ability to feed the family; I’m blessed to have both my parents and both in-laws as part of our life… I just wish we could keep track of whose glass belongs to whom! Last weekend saw my parents here, next weekend we have them and the mom-in-law, the following weekend will be the in-laws. Let’s just say we are thirsty people around here (checks the tequila supply and wonders if we need more Cabernets, too)

I think I’m gonna break out the red solo cups…

But, I digress. It is Teacher Appreciation Day tomorrow and I have a couple dozen Cinnabon Knock-Offs to bake- here’s last year’s photo of my table:

Teacher Appreciation Day- The Aftermath...
Teacher Appreciation Day-
The Aftermath…

Want the recipe? I bought the book “Top Secret Recipes” by Todd Wilbur, it is in there, and all over the intertoobz:

I think you have to purchase this recipe; it will set you back a whopping 79 cents…

Wile E. says “Now go do something smart!”