Congratulations, 8th Grade Class of 2015. Now, Go Get ’em!

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12 years ago…

Nearly every favorite photo I have of my children is a two-fer… they almost always come as a pair, they are quite close. Even though they are four years apart, we frequently tease them that they are really twins of their average age.

Tonight we celebrated The Boy’s graduation. What a remarkable group of young people! The emails from his classmates are already coming in, they need a beach party tomorrow morning since they miss each other too much… it has been less than four hours since the 8th grade class of 2015 has seen each other. These are really great kids!

His sister will be going away to college. Will his friends -the old and the new-  provide him with the kind of camaraderie that only the luckiest of siblings share? We shall see.

Graduation Weekend #2: The 8th Grade Graduation

“The future starts Today, not Tomorrow.”
Saint John Paul II


When your child has attended the same school from 3rd through 8th grade, matriculation to the next level is a big step. No longer will they be the big kids that the little ones look up to. They will be the little-bitty fish in the big ol’ proverbial pond.

Eleven years of parochial schooling is finished… along with a drive that I am more than happy to leave behind! Who’s bright idea was it to send the kids to school smack in the middle of a popular California beach community? Oh wait… that was me.

It was lovely while it lasted, and now he will say good-bye.

Graduate Weekend #1: The High School Graduation

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

IMG_6723Decorated part of the house today, along with cleaning and attending the Senior Luncheon with The Girl. More hugging and prelude to the bawling that we will see on the date of the REAL event- the Graduation Ceremony.


There’s a few more decorations around the house and in the front yard… but I’m kind of feeling a bit dazed by it all. The ceremonies to wrap up four years of edifying and uplifting experiences at a very special high school have been well done for the Class of 2015. Wow. Just, wow.