Trader Joe’s Steak and Ale Pies


Want a pot pie but also a dinner that doesn’t taste like frozen convenience food? Get these: Trader Joe’s Steak and Ale Pies- two per box.

Ready for the freezer…

I was expecting just a beef flavored pot pie. Nope. Buttery crust and pieces of steak, as advertised on the box, and vegetables in a tasty sauce… only the potatoes were kind of meh. In their defense, potatoes are usually going to suffer if frozen, and… I kinda had these pies in my freezer for maybe six months. You know what? They come individually shrink-wrapped in plastic, so, no freezer burnt flavor!

This is good stuff, people, I’ll be buying these again. Especially when Im sick of cooking for the holidays!


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DJones BranchingOut

Pushing 50 and it's time to try a few (maybe... 365?) new things. This blog is not about reinventing oneself or one's life, but about how much fun one can have while going out on a limb and branching out. Kicking anxiety's butt one day at a time, yeah!

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