From “Ew. Beer.” to “Mmm… Decisions, decisions… Nut Brown Ale or Stout?”

I swear I am not repeating my adventures, but we did go back to Alesmith Brewing Company last night with Al and Angie, two of our favorite people on the face of the earth.

These friends from our old parish in Indiana now have both of their kids off to college. If I can make this transition half as well as these two, I will consider my entry into Empty Nestdom wildly successful. Recently, Angie told us that on their visits to San Diego, she wants to try new and different pubs and restaurants- how convenient!

Alesmith was the answer, with the Tony Gwynn Gourmet Food Truck providing the eats.

photo from the Alesmith website

Angie liked her Stout, and I really liked my Nut Brown Ale, one of the choices I wanted to try on our last visit here during San Diego Beer Week. This is a great brew! Don’t like hops like me? Try this beer- dark, but not sweet, English style bitter, but very low IBU (hops aren’t the only thing you taste… unlike most of San Diego’s famous beers). I have gone from “Ew. Beer.” to “Mmmm, what to have… Porter? Stout? Or an ESB? So many choices!” And none of these choices have to be a West Coast-style, quadruple-hopped, San Diego IPA.

And by the way- the fried wings of the food truck were some of the best wings I’ve ever had. I’m going to be hunting down the schedule for the Tony Gwynn Gourmet food truck, man they were GOOD! The foods all have baseball themed names, which make a lovely nostalgic pairing with Alesmith’s SD Pale Ale .394 (Padre’s fans understand the connection).



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