Thanks VidCon for the Winning Weekend…

We won 4th place in the Mental Floss Trivia Challange on Friday night-

We’re Number 4!

I won a coloring book at the same event-   The Girl won VIP seating at tonight’s Vidcon concert-

note the “Jack’s Films”  tat

Friend of The Girl won a poster signed by Hank Green of Crash Course and Vlog Bros. Fame- And The Hisband was the big winner, he bagged an Epiphone guitar at the Gibson Vidcon raffle!

Where Has Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles Been All My Life?

We found ourselves in Anaheim Thursday night at dinner time and found a new restaurant- Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles.  

  • Twenty minutes waiting that was really only five.
  • Curtis the “Freaking awesome” waiter (as The Boy put it) handing me a menu from which I’d like to order one of everything.

And I was blessed with this for dinner:

This was by far the best fried chicken I’d ever eaten in my life. The waffles were delicious, too. Curtis wouldn’t tell me if there was cinnamon in the mix or not. Stinker.

Let Your Kids Show You Their Favorite You Tuber’s Channels…

…because you just might get a good laugh for your day.

The Girl’s friend showed me one of her more favorite You Tube channels this evening, and guess what- it seems safe for the whole family!

Wheezy Waiter has not only a video that will make most kids and adult crack up- “Bad Parkour,” but also has the sweetest proposal video to melt the women’s hearts (“1000th Video”).

Sit down with your kids and watch their videos online with them- you get to see what junk and what great stuff is out there online. Maybe you’ll find something to enjoy with them!

“1000th Video”

“Bad Parkour”

“Twenty-Six Different Ways to Scream

Book of the Month… Time Flies!

*Catch the UPDATES at the bottom of this post*

I love reading. The idea of not being able to put a good book down, finding a new series to dive into, swapping stories of great reads with complete strangers… I love it all.

When I came up with the idea of blogging about doing something new every day this year, one of my categories I cooked up that got me the most excited was the Book of the Month. Unfortunately, now I am being reminded…  daily… why I never read very much anymore. It is just a hard activity to wedge in daily, even just one monthly book. I am lucky to be part of many fabulous groups- family, extended family, church, schools, neighborhood, etc. Wonderful people and a home that all keep me hopping. I can’t complain, I can only praise and be thankful.

But, I do miss reading.

I sat down for the first time this month to start to read my book for the month“Hild,” by Nicola Griffith. Several chapters in, and this is proving to be a good read. I could use a good dictionary of Old English/Old Scottish/Various Other Lost Languages of the Island…

This novel could use a glossary. Correction- this novel has a glossary, and it also has a fabulously responsive author! Nicola Griffith, thank you for commenting that not only is there a glossary in the back as part of the author’s notes, but there are extras available on your blog here on WordPress-

New Sights for Old friends

“Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”
origins unclear

Today I greatly enjoyed bringing old friends to some of our favorite places around the greater San Diego coast.

Started with lunch at the Cliff Hanger Cafe- the best sandwich in town where you can watch hang gliders and para sailors jump off a cliff for fun and profit… with stunning ocean cliff views, to boot!

Italian Roast Beef sandwich with sun dried tomatoes. Loved it.
Italian Roast Beef sandwich with sun dried tomatoes. Loved it. Cliff Hanger Cafe is the best.
Debbie, quit taking photos of the nude beach down below!
Debbie, quit taking photos of the nude beach down below!

We then stopped by the World famous Torrey Pines Golf Course where we may or may not have picked up a gift for someone… I may have to pick up golfing, this is such a beautiful place!

Torrey Pines Golf Course
Torrey Pines Golf Course
Torrey Pines Golf Course
Torrey Pines Golf Course

Next place on the list was a short walking tour of the village of La Jolla and the water front from Shell Beach to The Cove…

A new photographer has caught the bug.
At the rocks over Shell Beach in La Jolla, a new photographer has caught the bug.
Gelateria Frizzante for a sweet break!
Gelateria Frizzante on Prospect Ave. for a sweet break!

We finished the day at Pizza Port in Solana Beach, stopping to admire the view at Fletcher Cove, first.

A new beer from Pizza Port for me- the Sea Side Stout on nitro. this was smooth and creamy, but not too heavy- under a 4% alcohol. I’d get it again.

Introducing old friends to one’s favorite places to visit make for a great day.

Sea Side Stout
Sea Side Stout


"Remember back when we were goof-balls in preschool?"
“Remember back when we were goof-balls in preschool?”
Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.
Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.