Sea Glass… The Bad Kind -or- You’re Welcome, Barefoot Runners and Surfers

We’ve made it through Black Friday (don’t know about you, but I didn’t leave the house), Cyber Monday yesterday (did I even go online? I don’t remember), and now today has the honor of being named “Giving Tuesday.” Okie-dokie, fine by me. The Intertubes are full of clever stories of people sharing ways they have given back to the world at large. I like doing nice things, too, so I’m in. Maybe… a trash hunt on one of my favorite beaches for running- La Jolla Shores.


No glass on the beach, please!


The beaches have seen some higher than usual tides lately, and along with the seaweed, a lot of junk washed up with the waves. Junk including freshly broken glass- ouch! And there were at least fifty barefoot surfers out enjoying the spectacular weather today… I don’t want to think of the potential harm that one big piece pictured above could inflict. Again, ouch!

I had a short run of only couple of miles this morning, but still wound up with a fistful of glass to pitch into the trash. I’ve always told my kids to pick up trash on our walks and hikes, and it felt good to help take care of one of my favorite places to run and play.

In Which I Get My Running Shoes Wet…

IMG_8876 IMG_8887 (1)

We had some high tides and storm activity last week in the Southland that brought a mess (literally…) of seaweed to the shoreline. As I ran, the pieces of kelp were fun to stomp on, bursting underfoot on the packed, wet sand. I think the serious runners coming from behind and passing me were mildly amused. I was greatly amused.

Isn't this kelp "kombu," one of the ingredients for dashi broth? Just wondering...
Isn’t this kelp “kombu,” one of the ingredients for dashi broth? Just wondering…

Pop pop POP!

But, dodging kelp and stopping to take photos can result in the waves catching up with you…

Taking a picture of this and got wet when it became…
…THIS! Ah, well. My shoes are now broken in.

I simply squish-squish-squished as I ran the return route. Guess my shoes are broken in now! i don’t run barefoot along the beach… makes it easier to stomp on and pop the kelp.


IMG_8896 (1)

Where Has Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles Been All My Life?

We found ourselves in Anaheim Thursday night at dinner time and found a new restaurant- Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles.  

  • Twenty minutes waiting that was really only five.
  • Curtis the “Freaking awesome” waiter (as The Boy put it) handing me a menu from which I’d like to order one of everything.

And I was blessed with this for dinner:

This was by far the best fried chicken I’d ever eaten in my life. The waffles were delicious, too. Curtis wouldn’t tell me if there was cinnamon in the mix or not. Stinker.