Fruit Flavored Waters- Easy from the Freezer

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I know that fruit flavored waters have been A Big Thing for a while. You can tell how Big of a Thing by how much stuff you can buy to support this latest Big Thing, or how many hits you get with a web search. Go ahead, Google “Fruit Flavored Water,” and you will see recipes even. Want a water bottle to take on-the-go that has a strainer to hold back your flavorings? It exists. But, as always, I’m slow to incorporate the latest Big Thing.

I’m part camel and decided this when I was quite young, maybe six or seven. I never drank very much water or other beverages. Even as an adult, one of my favorite lines to explain why I don’t drink a lot of Adult Beverages is to say “Everyone has to drink a few to catch up to my level of obnoxiousness au natural.” I think the simplicity of a simple slice of cucumber, lemon, and a single mint leaf may have me finally hitting somewhere in the six to eight cups we are recommended to drink.

Berries, Citrus and Mint for your water, yum!
Berries, Citrus and Mint for your water, yum!
Fruit from the freezer…

When making several lemon recipes in February I was smart and sliced the leftover rinds, now squeezed of their juice. Into the freezer they went. When I was slicing limes recently to freeze, too, I remembered the frozen lemons… and the cucumber that I had sliced up for hummus (yum). AND I just bought a mint plant (who buys a mint Plant? It grows like a weed! I do… I can kill mint, I have that little luck with herb gardening).

Drink up!
Drink up!

Voilà. Flavored water. Sit a bottle of water in your fridge with a few slices of fruit and a mint leaf or two. Drink right away, or let the flavors steep overnight. I love this stuff, and hope I remember to keep sliced citrus in the freezer from now on- there’s room by the strawberries for smoothies.

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