March Read: “The Mistaken Wife”- finished!

Finished March’s Book of the Month- “The Mistaken Wife,” by Rose Melikan. If you like historical fiction that you can set down, go to the computer, brush up on your world history, then continue reading when you’ve satisfied your curiosity about the facts behind the fiction, this series is for you. None of that is necessary, of course, but sometimes you want a book that entertains and provides the opportunity to educate as well.┬áThe three books of this series are all packed with lots interesting sleuthing around, all based on historical facts of the period.

from click the photo to take you to her site- great background info to each book there!
Photo from
click the photo to take you to her site- great background info to each book there!

In this third novel, Miss Mary Finch is recruited to carry out a mission to sabotage American and French relations during the close of the 18th Century. The author provides a very short, two page summary of international relations between France, England and America at the end of the book- I’d recommend reading that if you want a quick intro to Western history circa the Napoleonic era. No spoilers if you read these back-of-the-book pages, I promise.

This is not a steamy romance- next to none at all, it’s just not that kind of book… but we do see our heroine and hero headed at their own pace toward matrimony.

Like more historical fiction with a strong heroine, detailed events and accurate period culture? I’d also recommend the Lady Emily series by Tasha Alexader.

Road Trip- The Theatre Company, Upland California

Three moms met at the High School, loaded a couple hundred costumes into their SUVs, then blew out of San Diego for the 100+ mile trek to Upland. A couple hours later, they were unloading, chatting as they worked quickly. Speeding through the costumes, maternal instincts motivated these women, for they all had either children participating in holy services at school or children home from college. Nothing gets done more quickly than tasks done by moms with the desire to see their kids, no matter how old these children are. Before completing the “dump and run” return, they learned that one of the owners has been “involved in theater for about 429 years and could make a set out of toothpaste.” Believe it! The Theatre Company was a great place to work with for organizations on a tight budget.

A regular and an owner? Details to be filled in soon...
A regular and an owner? Details to be filled in soon…
Phew! All done!
Phew! All done!

The Theatre Company in Upland, California was a long drive for the three of us, but it felt good to lend a hand and spread the workload between many helpers. At least one of the moms had made this trip a couple times already. Great programs need the participation of a lot of energetic families, and I am thankful to be part of a big, uplifting, caring drama family. The two women I helped today are two of several that I wish I had taken the time to get to know better. They are worth their weight in gold and are two of many reason why I love this high school.

It has been a pleasure, ladies!