A Good Night for a New Beer- Firestone 805

This hip image as well as the 805 logo above are from the Firestone Walker site- clic this pic for the link
This hip image as well as the Firestone Walker logo above are from the Firestone Walker site- clic this pic for the link

Is there something like a sommelier for beer- a beer steward? That’s The Husband’s job. He’s my beer steward. The kids are working the all-consuming Tech Week for the high school’s musical, so we took off for a beer this evening. And between him and the bartender, they found a good beer for me to try- the loser was Guinness Blond, which was also good. I’ll save the Guinness for Saint Patrick’s Day tomorrow.

Firestone 805
Firestone 805- click the pic for more info on this nice brew…

I have no idea how to describe beers, except to say that it wasn’t watery or weak, and not overpoweringly citrusy or floral (I really don’t care for hops!). I’m not well versed enough to know how to match beer with foods, but can say this non-hoppy happy brew went well with my fries!

Firestone Walker Brewing Company is located up in Paso Robles, California, an area well known for its wines. I’m a BIG fan of wine, but with places like Firestone Walker putting out something other than quadruple IPAs, thankyouverymuch, they finally give me something of a choice- and a FAR tastier option than the basic Mega Corporate American Beer Companies.

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