Part Two- Del Mar Fair, Finally! Snarky Good Fun…

Not my mess!
She did get more in her than on the floor…
Why I am really at the fair...
Why I am really at the fair…

After taking all the time we wanted to go through the Flower and Animal Exhibits and the “Crap You Can Buy at the Fair” booths (we warned each other “don’t make eye contact with any of the vendors!), we hit the food stands before moving onto Art and Hobby exhibits.


IMG_6936Let’s just get this one out of the way- here’s my son’s work on display- his art teacher is always really great at sending in the work of several students each year. She rocks!

IMG_7041IMG_7040Student art takes up most of the first floor of the West Grandstands building. If you get to the San Diego County Fair, do NOT miss this exhibition. The talent on display is nothing short of amazing. Let me share some of the more spectacular entries…


Their art truly was a highlight of the fair for me. These pieces need no explanation by me, they speak for themselves. I am impressed by what our county classes can do, and these teachers deserve awards, every one from every school.

Zoom in for explanation- a great photography class idea!
Love this guy’s story- zoom in to read it…

PLEASE, Click on the photos to bring up larger views of these student exhibits- they deserve a closer look!

COLLECTIONS- Fascinating to the Fabulous:

Miniature Foldout Photo Collection from World Fairs and Expositions
Miniature Foldout Photo Collection from World Fairs and Expositions
Miniature Foldout Photo collection, from 1900s-1980s
Miniature Foldout Photo collection, from 1900s-1980s

Miniature photos on keychains, necklaces and other souvenirs dating from 1900 to 1980… totally cool.  Another collection was similar, but all from world fairs and expositions… equally cool.

Click on all of these photos to bring up larger copies and then you can read the test which describes the collections and the motivation behind the displays.

Shark Egg Cases
Things Left Behind in Library Books

Some of the more interesting collections on display included a father and daughter’s group of shark egg cases that they amassed to show disbelieving friends that they do, in fact, exist. Another case held… this is great… a collection of items found in books that have been returned to the library. I would bet that no one has ever thought to collect such a genre, ever before, in the history of lending libraries.

Collections and Craft Entries from the Clever to the Weird and the Wait… What???

The Swede- she's speechless
Cat Fur and Lint?The Swede- she’s speechless
“Cat Fur and Clothes Dryer Lint” Yes, you read that correctly…

This really is amazing on more than one level. The sheer fact that someone collects dryer lint and cat fur is surpassed by the oddity that they decided to display this collection. Publicly. At the county fair.

I wonder what this fox would say…
Shirt Pillows
Shirt Pillows

After the fur and lint display, we were losing it. Other oddities included this beautifully crafted fox… we couldn’t figure out why the beads? It made us want to demand that artists be allowed to include a note about the inspiration behind their pieces, just like the Collections are able to display. We loved the goofy shirt pillows, a great recycling idea.

IMG_6973We saw jewelry- something that I don’t have a lot of patience for, but my friend crafts gorgeous pieces herself… look at this great idea for what to do with all the pressed penny souvenirs that you may have collected in your travels!

IMG_6967I love pottery and had to include this piece. Look at the colors! Great job, artist!

Cookie Tea Set!
Cookie Tea Set!


International Cookie Dolls!
International Cookie Dolls!

Food Exhibits

The Food Exhibits were puzzling to me… I am dying to know how they are judged. Honestly, I’m such a snob about my own cookies, for example, that I looked at the winning chocolate chip cookies and thought “Humph! My cookies look better than these… I bet they taste better, too.” I ought to back up this proud attitude of mine and enter them next year… that ought to shut me up! I have to include these cookie sculptures simply because they are so well crafted.

Next year I will be back- not only for the Indian Fry Bread Tacos and Garlic Fries, but maybe even to throw my own chocolate chip cookies into the judging arena.

Two Moms Finally Let Loose at the Fair, Part One

We made it!

We came, we lingered, we laughed. Oh, how we laughed.

Black Magic roses... stunning color and shape!
Black Magic roses… stunning color and shape!

We delighted in the floral specimens, scarcely believing that roses could achieve that color or dahlias could be that perfect. We wanted to die for the level of fluffiness we witnessed in the bunnies on display. The student art floored us- what talent! The collections and cooking entries included everything from the amazing to the confusing. We left with enough examples of beauty and to fodder for laughter for ages to come.


Fair Award Winner "Charlotte Ann"
“Charlotte Ann”
"Ketchup and Mustard"
“Ketchup and Mustard”

Roses have names, we know that. “Peace, Mr. Lincoln, Iceberg, and Julia Child” are all common varieties, but today at the fair we found many far from common- names like the enigmatic titles given to race horses or those found on the back of sailboats… a few could be romance novel titles, honestly.

Stunning "Memphis Magic"
“Memphis Music”
"George Burns," what a fabulous tribute!
“George Burns”
"Power Point" is another winner
“Power Point”

A sampling: “Renegade, Black Magic, Playboy, The Fairy, Wise Portia, First Kiss, Super Hero, Betty Boop, Foolish Pleasures, Mother’s Love, Power Point, Nemesis, Seattle Destination, Bees Knees, Shameless, Lusciously Lucy, Monkey Business, Jump for Joy, Hot Cocoa, Gourmet Popcorn. ”

Huge dahlias!
Huge dahlias!
"Clouds and Rain"
“AC Clouds and Rain”
"Mary Eveline"
“Mary Eveline”

The dahlia displays were no less stunning- what amazing symmetry and size! Annika’s take-away after seeing the dahlias was how much these flowers seem to jump right out of a Dr. Seuss book. I left wishing I could come back with a golf club. “Fore!!” Just kidding… kind of.


We were both sad to see that there were no fancy chickens in the livestock barns, but were completely delighted with the bunnies. Oh my GOSH, it was a fluffy overload. How can something be that impossibly fluffy? Here are a few of our favorites:

Annika’s Goth Bunny
World’s Cutest Bunny
Fluffiest Neighbor #2

These are a few of the fluffiest, cutest, most adorable critters I have ever seen at a state fair.

Fluffiest Neighbor #1

There were as many people crowded around the bunnies as there were anywhere. Everyone wants to just marvel at their sweetness, and who can blame them?

We left the animals saying goodbye to the mama pig and her piglets, reminding Annika of how she prefers to eat marzipan pigs to the real ones. Mama Piggy gave me an entirely different idea: it was high time to visit the corndog stand.

Why I am really at the fair...
Why I am really at the fair…

Coming up in Part Two- Student Art and Photography, and the Home and Hobby collections, displays, crafts and foods.

Did You See the Strawberry Moon?

I learned a new term- “Strawberry Moon.” Isn’t it interesting how there are so many different terms and names for the phenomena all around us in our natural world? So many of us have either forgotten about them or they have simply fallen by the wayside because we are out of touch with nature now-a-days in the modern world… time marches on, eh?

With my super-novice photography abilities, I snapped a few pics on the lovely moon we were all talking about on Social Media Tuesday night.


So, what is a strawberry moon, anyhow?

“Full Moon Names”

“The month of June’s full Moon’s name is the Full Strawberry Moon. June’s Full Strawberry Moon got its name because the Algonquin tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit.
It was often known as the Full Rose Moon in Europe (where strawberries aren’t native).”



Photography on an Off Day… Not Bad- Return Trip Planned!

College visit weekend included some great photo opportunities, but all my chances for purty pics were completely marred by one thing- I felt crummy. There was so much to do, things to see, terribly interesting people to learn from and question… nope! Great foods, lovely walks, nearby cities to visit. All shot to hell with two of us falling ill.

We are getting better, and will have more opportunities in the near future to do all the things we missed out on- it looks like The Girl is sold on this place.

Although the lighting and framing is not what I want for almost every one of these photos, here is a sampling of some of the sights we did manage to fit in while visiting Spokane:

IMG_6091_2IMG_6103_2IMG_6108_2IMG_6107_2IMG_6110_2Industrial Photography at a renovated steam plant…

We really enjoyed this restaurant and I’m bringing the Nikon back to The Steam Plant for better photo opps.



IMG_6121_2Inside the university’s student chapel:



Staircase inside of the school’s oldest building. I wish I had more time for photography that day!

IMG_6136_2 IMG_6137_2


Three shots from inside the parish church. It was beautiful!


And a couple of shots from Oakland’s island airport- my son spotted the joke on the runway tug-truck… can you see it? And Can you believe that this is the view from one of the food court shops at an airport? It was really lovely, the picture doesn’t do that view justice.IMG_6149

I bet I can snap better photos if I am not ill! Oh well. There’s always tomorrow!

“Sleepless in Seattle,” meet Sick in Spokane -or-Photography First, Misery Follows

New restaurant last night in a phenomenal setting. Went to the Steam Plant in Spokane with The Boyfriend’s family.

Nutshell- it was great, but to me, even better than the food was the interior and the photo opportunities it provided.

Got back to hotel. Went downhill. Fast. Probably food poisoning, is my best guess. NOT from the Steam Plant. Twelve hours later, I think I can be a human being again instead of a wretched being

No details of the great food and even better company, I’ll just share the photos and the good news that I feel good enough to pound this out. Spokane wasn’t very nice to me on my first visit, but I won’t take it personally.

**UPDATE **  I did want to share a few observations on the food at The Steam Plant. Three of us had the steaks (from a nearby farm, I was told) and they were all a nice size (read: not huge), with a mixed fresh, sautéed vegetable and mashed potatoes. All of it was very nice. I didn’t care for the smokiness of the mushroom sauce on my steak in that it was too… smoky. If you like smokey flavors, smoked cheese or the like, then I’d recommend it since it really was a well flavored pan sauce. I think the winner may have been the buffalo meatloaf that The husband had! wow! That was delicious! It had house made ketchuppy type of sauce on top with a bit of a spicy kick to it, and was really tasty.

Everyone liked their craft beers, too, and I only downed half my stout so I can’t blame my stomach ills on too much drink… despite the fact that the mom of The Boyfriend and I are ready to drink at the thought of our oldest so going off to college together.

Exploring the depths of the old plant…
Steam Plant Pub hours