Photography on an Off Day… Not Bad- Return Trip Planned!

College visit weekend included some great photo opportunities, but all my chances for purty pics were completely marred by one thing- I felt crummy. There was so much to do, things to see, terribly interesting people to learn from and question… nope! Great foods, lovely walks, nearby cities to visit. All shot to hell with two of us falling ill.

We are getting better, and will have more opportunities in the near future to do all the things we missed out on- it looks like The Girl is sold on this place.

Although the lighting and framing is not what I want for almost every one of these photos, here is a sampling of some of the sights we did manage to fit in while visiting Spokane:

IMG_6091_2IMG_6103_2IMG_6108_2IMG_6107_2IMG_6110_2Industrial Photography at a renovated steam plant…

We really enjoyed this restaurant and I’m bringing the Nikon back to The Steam Plant for better photo opps.



IMG_6121_2Inside the university’s student chapel:



Staircase inside of the school’s oldest building. I wish I had more time for photography that day!

IMG_6136_2 IMG_6137_2


Three shots from inside the parish church. It was beautiful!


And a couple of shots from Oakland’s island airport- my son spotted the joke on the runway tug-truck… can you see it? And Can you believe that this is the view from one of the food court shops at an airport? It was really lovely, the picture doesn’t do that view justice.IMG_6149

I bet I can snap better photos if I am not ill! Oh well. There’s always tomorrow!

“Sleepless in Seattle,” meet Sick in Spokane -or-Photography First, Misery Follows

New restaurant last night in a phenomenal setting. Went to the Steam Plant in Spokane with The Boyfriend’s family.

Nutshell- it was great, but to me, even better than the food was the interior and the photo opportunities it provided.

Got back to hotel. Went downhill. Fast. Probably food poisoning, is my best guess. NOT from the Steam Plant. Twelve hours later, I think I can be a human being again instead of a wretched being

No details of the great food and even better company, I’ll just share the photos and the good news that I feel good enough to pound this out. Spokane wasn’t very nice to me on my first visit, but I won’t take it personally.

**UPDATE **  I did want to share a few observations on the food at The Steam Plant. Three of us had the steaks (from a nearby farm, I was told) and they were all a nice size (read: not huge), with a mixed fresh, sautéed vegetable and mashed potatoes. All of it was very nice. I didn’t care for the smokiness of the mushroom sauce on my steak in that it was too… smoky. If you like smokey flavors, smoked cheese or the like, then I’d recommend it since it really was a well flavored pan sauce. I think the winner may have been the buffalo meatloaf that The husband had! wow! That was delicious! It had house made ketchuppy type of sauce on top with a bit of a spicy kick to it, and was really tasty.

Everyone liked their craft beers, too, and I only downed half my stout so I can’t blame my stomach ills on too much drink… despite the fact that the mom of The Boyfriend and I are ready to drink at the thought of our oldest so going off to college together.

Exploring the depths of the old plant…
Steam Plant Pub hours