Six Family Members Surveyed…

Since we still had a bunch of grandparents floating around last night, I thought I’d drag them into trying new stuff with me one more time before they headed off the next morning.

This one was pretty funny-

Dry Cucumber Soda...
Dry. Cucumber Soda…

The DRY Cucumber Soda was an impulse buy a couple of days ago and I had no idea what to expect. Everyone dutifully took their little sample and sipped suspiciously. Especially the boy. I had to threaten him to try a taste from my share. Six out of six family members did not care for cucumber soda. I wonder what they would have thought of the lavender soda from the same company? I’d like to try their other offerings.

This was certainly a confusing concoction. My dad and I decided that DRY Cucumber Soda would probably taste great as a mixer with gin, and I regret not being quick enough to snap a pic of my mom and mom-in-law’s reactions. Clearly, their patience with me and my new things is wearing thin.

I think all was forgiven when everyone received a cider and rum nightcap.

Tourist Time

In January last year we went whale watching. A more perfect day could not have been designed- the water was like glass, the temperatures were San Diego’s finest, and just enough high clouds made for great photography. Whales even made a few appearances, but it didn’t matter because the whole morning excursion was worth the effort and price- both of which were minimal, actually.

Whale Watching January 2014
Whale Watching January 2014

The family all agreed that we would get out and do the tourist thing once a month so that we could really get to know this area better. Aaaaannd we promptly forgot, getting caught up in the happy business of life.

My mom is funny...
My mom is funny…

I swear, I am holding us to that goal. We WILL get out there monthly to see the sights that So Cal has to offer.

This month is a little boogered up as one kid’s fencing tournament has had last minute scheduling changes, but that isn’t stopping us… we have places to see today.