Spicy Ahi Poke with Sriracha -or- What to do with 50 Pounds of Fresh Tuna?

The Husband went fishing this weekend, and his share of the catch was more than 50 pounds of the tuna they caught. My freezer is full to overflowing, I’m contacting all the neighbors, and searching the web for ahi recipes.

Tonight we tried a different recipe for Poke, and we all loved it. Poke is a Hawaiian dish using fresh fish- usually ahi (yellow fin tuna), and often is mixed with seaweed, chopped sweet or green onion and different sauces, like soy sauce. Poke is often compared to ceviche… but I really like poke better. There is something about the soy sauce and sesame flavors that rock this dish.

Tonight we tried a simple recipe of ahi, Sriracha mayonnaise, tobiko (flying fish roe… the tiny orange eggs you find at the sushi bar), and sliced green onion. I think it could have used a shot of soy sauce and few drops of sesame oil, but this was really great!

This is the recipe The Husband found on which we based our concoction-

Spicy Ahi Poke
Spicy Ahi Poke… photo from TwoRedBowls.com

Click the photo to link to the recipe from TwoRedBowls.com where the blogger has a great explanation of what poke is. Besides dee-lish.

Now… what to do with the other 48 pounds of fish. Suggestions, please!!

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