Cookie Wars- Who’s the Winner? And New (to me) Soft Almond Sugar Cookie Recipe…

My mom and I have been arguing about how to make cookies for about three decades. She says that I have ruined her recipes, I say I have improved them. Her secret? She doubles the sugar in every cookie recipe she makes. Her recipe for “Chocolate Chippers” that is outstanding. I grew up eating these cookies, went on to bake them and share with everyone in high school and beyond. Eventually I sold them by the dozen along with cinnamon rolls and a few other baked goods in our town’s farmers market when The Girl was just a baby. I made a lot of money from those rolls and cookies for one reason- they are DELICIOUS!

If I have sold uncountable dozens of cookies, I think I have earned the right to say that I have not, in fact, ruined the recipe. But amount sold is not the best indicator that my version of these cookies are great- it is the fact that when mom comes over, she is aghast if no cookies are on the counter, in the cupboard, or in the freezer. How can that be? How can there not be at least a bag of them in the freezer?

I do it just to drive her nuts.

I will proceed to drive her further insane by trying a new recipe tonight, one for Soft Almond Sugar Cookies. I was a good kid and easy teenager, and am enjoying all kinds of ways to annoy my mother now. Tonight, all I have to do is follow the recipe that I saved on Pinterest a couple of years ago. By doubling neither the sugar nor the almond flavoring, she will go mental. Just watch- there will be only one comment on this post and it will be from her…

This recipe (and photo on the left) comes from CodyKitchenConfection over at Blogspot. I followed the recipe exactly, except (and there is always an except) I used all-purpose flour instead of cake flour. I thought that two teaspoons of almond wouldn’t be enough- the dough didn’t have enough almond flavor, but the cookies sure did. These were great! Mine came out more flat, but I blame it on not refrigerating the dough… as per the recipe (OK, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly). I’ll see how the second half of the dough turns out after sitting in the fridge overnight.

They don't look the same, but it is probably my fault...
They don’t look the same (my fault) but they taste GREAT!

These are an nice, soft, super-almondy sugar cookie, and I’d make them again. The Girl is in the kitchen stuffing her face full of cookies as I type. You are going to love them, mom, if she leaves you any.

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