In Which I Get My Running Shoes Wet…

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We had some high tides and storm activity last week in the Southland that brought a mess (literally…) of seaweed to the shoreline. As I ran, the pieces of kelp were fun to stomp on, bursting underfoot on the packed, wet sand. I think the serious runners coming from behind and passing me were mildly amused. I was greatly amused.

Isn't this kelp "kombu," one of the ingredients for dashi broth? Just wondering...
Isn’t this kelp “kombu,” one of the ingredients for dashi broth? Just wondering…

Pop pop POP!

But, dodging kelp and stopping to take photos can result in the waves catching up with you…

Taking a picture of this and got wet when it became…
…THIS! Ah, well. My shoes are now broken in.

I simply squish-squish-squished as I ran the return route. Guess my shoes are broken in now! i don’t run barefoot along the beach… makes it easier to stomp on and pop the kelp.


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